How to change name in school and college certificate?


 If there are any errors in the name of the school or college (spy errors, kuril, nedil errors) can be corrected and purchased at the respective schools / colleges (for example - Chandra Kumar's name is Chandra Kumar)

But if you want to make a change / change in the name, change the initials / apply in the Gazette and get it.

How to apply?

A copy of the birth / education certificate should be attached. Those who do not have a birth / education certificate should obtain and submit the relevant certificate to the government doctor to prove their age.

A photograph of the applicant recently taken should be attached to the space provided and attested by the 'A' and 'A' Division Officers / Certification Officer of the Government of Tamil Nadu / Central.

People born in other states and residing in Tamil Nadu - Food Distribution Card / Passport / Voter Identity Card / Certificate of Residence obtained from the Governor as proof of residency in Tamil Nadu should attach a certified copy of any of these.

Adoption is taken, so those who change the name must attach a certified copy of the adoption.


Generally the name change fee is Rs. 415 / - only.

Name change in Tamil is Rs. 50 / - and Gazette + Postage Rs. 65 / -

Payment method:

You can go to the office in person and pay in cash from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm.

Pay by Post: Payment can be made by Nationalized Bank Draft in the name of Assistant Director (Publications), Stationery Printing Commission, Chennai-600 002.

Things to consider before applying:

1.The reason for the name change must be stated.

2.The old name (m) cannot be published under the new name, 'as' (Alias).

3.If there are any typographical errors in the published Gazette, they should be corrected within six months. Any request for correction of errors thereafter will not be accepted. 

4.Name change notice is for Tamil Nadu only. The pledge should be given in the appropriate place.

2.All copies attached to the application should be signed and attached to the Gazetted Officer.


  • No one other than the applicant should have any contact.
  • No reminder will be sent to the applicant regarding payment.
  • Only application form submitted by this department will be accepted.
  • Externally printed or photocopied form will not be accepted.

How to get?

Those who wish to receive the Gazette in person should come in person and receive the Gazette within 5 days of the publication of the Gazette. Failure to do so will result in the Gazette being mailed to the appropriate person.

Gazettes sent by post will not be returned by post to the concerned persons unless they are returned by post. In such cases, the persons concerned can come in person within 6 months and pick up the gazette for them, which will be returned by post.

Before signing the application:

In case of change of name in connection with the adoption (adoption), only the adoptive father (s) and mother should apply for the change of name and sign the form at the appropriate place.

The application should be signed only by the applicant. If the applicant is under the age of 18 (Minor), only the father, mother or guardian should sign. If he is a guardian, a copy of the Legal Guardianship Order for his appointment as a guardian must be obtained and attached. Under the signature, the pattern of the relationship (in the Capital Letter) should indicate the name of the father / mother / guardian.

For more details:

Application forms can be downloaded from .

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