How to master your time?| Better Ways to Keep Time Management


Most of us have heard of the proverb – “Time and Tide waits for none.” That’s universally true. Once you've lost time, it's impossible to get it back or buy it. Time is irreversibly lost once it has passed. One must conceive the importance of time, either to succeed or in all other aspects of life. if you waste time in their present, fail to shape their future lives.

Organizing things in a right way with a proper time schedule is an effective way of managing your time. Allot timings for individual works, so that you do not waste time. One should make the best use of time available. While allotting time for your to-do list, ask yourself – “Is this work important? How much time should I allot for this?” Firstly, prioritize your works, and then allot time accordingly.

For managing time, here are some of the things you must do –

  • Know your priorities
  • Schedule time accordingly
  •  Have a deadline for each task
  •  Spend only the allotted time for each work
  • Never try to exceed yourself beyond your limited time
  • The 3 “Be” Qualities one should learn:

1. Be organized

Try to keep important works on queue. Avoid stacking works. Never mind or concentrate on the works that are unimportant.

At office, try to organize files and folders in the respective places. It might save your time at time of need.

2. Be responsible

If you have works or assignments to be completed within the deadline, concentrate and finish it off on time. Don’t rush yourself till the last minute.

If you have any job to do at any moment, complete it first. Never switch to another job or be careless or loiter around.

Similarly, if you are having any works to be done in the future, it’s wiser that you complete it in your free time. Do not waste your time.

3. Be focused

When you are ready with your to-do list, you should focus on completing the work before the stipulated time. Do not overthink on other tasks that are out of your schedule.

It’s better that you use a planner or personal mobiles for reminding you of your schedules.

Should we really bother to manage Time?

When you use your time effectively, you tend to be stress-free and enables you to do the right thing at the right time.

- It brings a lot of changes in your career as well as personal life.

- It makes you a disciplined person, one who is punctual at all works.

- Your planning and organizing capacity grows.

- When you accomplish tasks at the right time, people around you value you a lot and you stand apart from the crowd, which in turn boosts your self-confidence.

- By staying ahead of deadlines, your productivity increases too.

- Most importantly, it helps you to reach the apex of success.

Few effective strategies:

➢ Make sure you stick to your to-do list.

➢ Try to perceive the difference between urgent and important task. First, finish off the urgent and turn to what’s important.

➢ Stay focused on the place or your work until you complete it.

➢ First and foremost, is to set a realistic task. Ask yourself if you are capable of the task before the time. Do not fool yourself and overburden.

➢ Say ‘no’ if you are not confident enough about your works.

➢ Be punctual. Be on time to your college or office or anywhere you work.

➢ Keep things in their respective places. Develop the habit to manage things.

➢ Do not work only for your boss or salary. Enjoy the job you do.

➢ Clear the to-do list every day. Never procrastinate.

➢ To conserve time, group similar tasks like combine reading books while you travel or listening to news while you are at gym.

➢ Never push the easy task to the last.

➢ Reserve your time and energy for the high demanding jobs. For that, learn what type of person you are i.e., a morning person or a night owl.

➢ “All work and no play leads you nowhere” – have breaks in between to gain a little relaxation and refresh your brain.

➢ Be objective when it comes to work. Or else, you will have to stumble with pressure.

Mastery of time is an art. Not everyone can master it. Even if they do, not all succeed in it. A man must use the best of his 24 hrs. Time is one precious resource of all human lives. Hope these strategies will help you effectively manage your time and achieve success in your future lives.


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