How to outstand others with a strong personality?


What is Personality?

When you see a bony dog on the streets, or when you notice a man slapping his wife, or when you see happy children playing, you react or bring out your emotions in one way or another. These reactions bring out your thoughts, opinions on the respective incident, feelings etc., These make you behave in a specific way and that constitutes your personality. In simple terms, personality is the way in which a particular individual behaves or lives that differentiates him / her from another man. Personality is characterized as strongly embedded and relatively long-lasting thought, emotional and behavior patterns of a man.

It shapes the way we think, we see, we talk and behave to others. It determines our ‘character.’

There are various factors that determine or shapes one’s personality.

• Heredity - nature

• Environmental factors – surroundings

• Economical situations

• Family background

Why develop our personality?

To develop one’s personality is to enhance one’s personal traits. If you enhance your character, it helps you gain confidence, stand above others in a social platform and have high self-esteem. It also increases a person conduct in the society. There will be a development in the communication skills of the person.

The benefit of developing the personality includes –

▪ First, it develops relationship with others

▪ Able to set career goals

▪ Helps attain aims

▪ Balance relationships

▪ Managing and supporting others

▪ It helps increase your productivity and creativity

▪ Improves your contribution to

your family and society

    How to gain?

For all these to achieve, self-awareness is the prime factor. The first step to begin with this is ‘self-analysis,’ to become aware of oneself. For this to recognize, think on your attitudes, biases, values and perceptions. SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is one of the best ways for it.

SWOT is a retrospective window, through which you can analyze your –

• Strength (your positives; something at which you are confident at

• Weakness (negatives you have; analyze what makes you weaker)

• Opportunities (know the possibilities that are open)

• Threats (identify and work on your psychological and emotional hurdles)


Behavior is the way we act, react, and interact with others. It is influenced by our feelings, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, our experience, and opinions on others. Behavior doesn’t come in a day or two. Rather, it is developed through a repeated pattern of actions throughout a period of time.

▪ First, identify the urge that motivates you to behave in a certain manner.

▪ Change the root cause into positive and make adjustments to modify the way you react to that thing.

▪ ‘How you take it matters’ – Make sure you understand things in right way.

▪ ‘How you Express' – Reacting to things is highly important as that shapes your character.

▪ Communicate your thoughts and opinions in a positive way.


Perception is the way take things and analyze meaning to it. We see a person or situation, and our brain interprets it. The way we interpret things is a ‘subjective reality’ i.e. the person

who interprets things are only the perceiver’s reality; it may not be persistent with the ‘Reality.’ The perceiver’s interpretation may be influenced by various external as well as psychological factors like culture, environment, the media, past experiences, needs, emotions and inculcated values. It might lead to biases on the longer run. Similarly, our picture through others’ eye reflects our strengths, our shortcomings, which might in a way help us improve our personality.


Another way to gain exposure about our own personality is to expose ourselves to wide variety of situations and self-analyze how we react to them. Being open and ready to face such experiences shape the way we see things. Not all times we interpret a situation the same, thus, it broadens our thinking. On other hand, this boosts our confidence to face things.

Tips to enhance your personality:

  • Be kind and caring.
  • Try to accept responsibilities.
  • Think carefully before you interact / communicate.
  • Empathize fellow beings.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Show enthusiasm.
  • Be kind enough to appreciate.
  • Give your opinion; never argue.
  • Be honest and trustworthy.
  • Stand up to your words / commitments.
  • Be grateful to small things.
  • Be honest.
  • Be spontaneous.
  • Be warm and approachable.
  • Be open to let go bad things and bad people.
  • Have your own style.
  • Stay calm during adversities.
  • Wear a smile.

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