Many students nowadays wanted to get placed in an IT sector. However, in the long run, most feel

that a government is a life secured job. Getting a government job is a dream for most of the Indian

parents as well as the candidates. As a result, the competition for the government examinations have

increased the recent times. It’s important that when you prepare for any government examinations,

you should have few tips in mind to crack it. Firstly, try to learn everything about the examination,

what exam it is, what category candidates can apply, what education qualification one should have to

apply for the exam.

Competitive exams are not easy to crack through. There are various preparation strategies excluding

hard work. Nowadays candidates join any institute or coaching center to ensure that they pass through

the examinations. But not all teachers teach the tricks to crack the exam or how to learn. There are

many do’s and don’ts while preparing for competitive exams.

Here are some tips and tricks of how to study and effectively ace the examination.

1.Plan properly. Managing time is highly important. Have a time table if possible.

2.Choose your papers and subjects of your interest.

3.Try to attend more mock papers.

4.Hear motivational speeches very often as many a times you will feel low while preparing for

competitive exams.

5. Be confident about yourself. Only you know your level of capability.

6. If possible, get guidance from seniors or the ones who have already attended. Because they

might know the nuances of the exam.

7. Never miss your focus. Concentrate on the position which you deserve to attain. But the study

time must be short. You can’t concentrate the whole day on your studies.

There is a popular ideology in our society where people think that competitive exams can be cracked

only the candidate joins coaching center. However, there are still people who crack the exams on their

own. Do you want to know how?

Here it is...

  •  First make a thorough research on the post you want to apply for, then it’s subjects andthe background knowledge required for it.
  • Collect and organize the materials be it books or internet sources. Then fix a timetable for yourself.
  • While preparing the timetable, make sure you allot time more for the subjects you are
  • weak at, or you lack prior knowledge in. Before that analyze for which subject you need more time to prepare.
  • Work all day according to your time schedule and cover the whole syllabus without omitting any part.
  • Take monthly tests or even more frequent tests. So that you can conceive where you lag as well as you can manage time effectively too. In addition, every time you take up the test, you can trace your own growth and knowledge on the subject.
  • Do revisions and take frequent tests. Solve all the questions in the previous exam papers and mock test papers.
  • If you are comfortable, then make group study. When you have combined studies, you gain information from your friends who have learnt it from different source. Thus, group studies help you to gain information faster.
  • Often check on the new books or internet sources for recent information. Because for the competitive exams, general knowledge and knowledge on recent world happenings is very much important.

Here are more tips on how to work on the exam preparation.

Tip 1: Plan your study time

Before you prepare timetable, know what type of person you are. Many of you may be a morning

person, few might be a night owl. Hence, allot the toughest paper to the time when your mind is fresh.

Spend more time on the paper by allotting that paper to the time when you feel anew. Also, plan

things beforehand, maybe a day prior on how you are going to go about things, and what part you are

about to cover that day. If you prepare and work on it, not only can you complete the entire syllabus

but also you can do much better than people who lack planning.

Tip 2: Take small breaks

It is important that you take breaks, calm yourself and relax your mind at regular intervals. It’s natural

to be stressed out with the exam pressures, especially while attempting such competitive exams.

Burdening your brain with too much information at one time can cause to the loss of memory at the

exam time. Play a game, take a walking out in the evening or have a conversation with your family and


Tip 3: Don’t study at odd times

Whenever you are stressed out or tired or sleepy, never get hold of your book. You cannot concentrate

nor will your mind retain the information you learnt during that time. It’s a huge waste of time for you.

Instead, what you can do during those hours is that you can take notes, search for internet sources or

just hear video speeches that is related to your exams. By that way, it will be productive as well as you

will not lose your study hours either.

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Tip 4: Make note of the keywords or important topic

It’s wiser to take notes in a separate note, if possible, for individual subjects or papers. As this would

help you a lot during the last minute of your exams. Use stick notes, paste it around your room, the

places you see often. Similarly, when you read important topics, highlight those. It will be helpful when

you brush up the book at the last moment.

Tip 5: Revise a lot

Complete the syllabus beforehand. Never leave anything. Revise a lot even if it’s repeating. Practice

with the previous question papers as much as possible. Believe me, it helps you remember during your

examinations. While revising or studying never learn two tough subjects at a time. Leave gap or break

and continue as it will make you forget everything during the exam. Stop doing it if you have that habit.

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