1.Research the company

The first and foremost thing you should do before attending an interview is to research on the company. Read on the company’s history, their motto, products, what they expect from their employees, their work culture and so on. If you have worked on this background information about the company, you will gain a confidence when you walk in an interview. Understanding the in’s and out’s of a company is what the interviewer expects from their employee.

2. Search for common interview questions and answers

There are plenty of websites available on the internet, where you can find sample or some questions that are asked in the interview. Once you are prepared for those questions, you can easily answer the questions when asked. The intention of the interviewer is to check quick communication for the general questions like –

• Tell me about yourself

• Why are you interested in our company?

• Why do you want this job?

• Tell me your Hobbies, strengths and weakness

• Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

• How do you handle pressure?

• What do you know about us?

• Why should we hire you?

It is at this point you can pitch your stand to the interviewer. The way you answer will show your investment in your job and organization.

3. Check for the job description and skills required for the post

Check on the organization’s website to know what skills or qualifications the interviewer expects from you. Reread the post qualifications and job description. If you have seen the advertisement on the paper or website, take a print out and begin underlining the skills they are looking for. If you do not have any relevant knowledge on that topic, try to learn the basics or at least know what that is all about. If you have any contacts from the same institute, contact them to learn about the company culture and work environment. Learn as many details as possible before the interview.

4. Carry your things

Be prepared of what you should bring to the interview.

• Printed copies of your resume

• References if any

• If you have prior experience, bring your experience certificate

• All your original certificates and any publications if you have one

• A pen

• Hold work samples if you have any. During the interview, you might be likely be asked about any specific works you worked on..

5. Be before time

Punctuality determines your character in a job environment. Schedule yourself that you are 20-30 minutes before to the interview. Never be late. Plan for your interview attire the before night itself. Keep everything ready.

6. Make a great first impression

Your first impression is one of the major factors that decide your hiring. Remember, you only have one minute to impress the interviewer, before which they form an image of you in their mind. The way you dress, you carry yourself help you ensure you make a positive first impression. Don’t dress so grand; wear simple clothes and simple accessories. The accessories and dress you choose must be in accordance with the company and the culture they follow. An IT candidate can’t dress traditionally to an interview. So ensure the type of organization you are applying for, before choosing your look.

7. Have a good body language and posture

Remain professional from the start until your interview is done. First, greet with a handshake. Have good non-verbal communication skills like maintaining eye-contact throughout the interview, straight body posture, mild smile and hands over your knees. Never shake your legs or sit in cross legs. Be polite when you answer even though the question is personal or sensitive one.

8. Answer honestly and concisely

Before answering the questions, first listen. From the beginning, the interview is asking you or indirectly hinting you something about his expectation. If you aren’t listening and paying attention to it, you might miss an opportunity. Be positive, honest and confident in your answers.

On the same hand, you only have a few minutes with the interviewer, so limit your answers and be concise. The interviewer has a lot of candidates to interview. It’s obvious that they won’t be interested in your answers if you speak long. Practicing your answers beforehand might help you solve this. Practice and prepare for the interview with your friends or colleagues. Also, the interviewer expects you to answer honestly and practically. In the attempt to impress them, never give commitments or unreal answers. Focus on your key strengths and why your background makes you uniquely qualified for the position. 

9. Don’t speak negative about your previous organization

Companies want to hire problem solvers who overcome tough situations. So never utter anything pessimistic or negative about you nor your previous organizations. Be positive during the conversation. Even if you aren’t satisfied with those, focus and explain them about what you were doing in those organizations. Showcase your skills.

10. Respect all and thank everyone before leaving

Respect and greet the interviewers throughout the interview. Treat everyone equally be it a security or front desk officer. Your interviewer might ask them for feedbacks from them. After interview, what you should next in the interview process. Before leaving ask any questions to the interviewer as few of them might expect their candidates to question them back. But be sure you have a sensible question. Ask for the business card before leaving. If you are interviewed in the morning, send you follow-up emails the same day.

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