Every day, we encounter unfamiliar challenges, learn from those, and adapt what we've learnt to our future lives. Every moment of life presents us with unique experiences. It is up to us to choose if we want to learn something complex or plain, comprehensible or confusing, beneficial or invaluable; human minds are capable of absorbing even the finest specifics, such as the strong roots that invade the earth's inner crust.

Every living being on the planet learns something. If we believe that learning is exclusively for teachers, we will all be students for the foreseeable future. But how does one learn things on own? We must stay on board until the life journey ends, observe things around, adapt to the changes, and evolve out of it. This learning will help one reach the pinnacle of success and happiness together in their lives.

“It’s the difference that marks the separation between the individuals.” Each one is different and unique in their own way. To be different in the modern era, is more an obligation than a choice. We are unconsciously forced to prove our uniqueness every day we live. But should we oblige it or defend the unsaid pressure? It’s rather simple. Show yourself different among the folk of sheep is simply enough.

Learn new things and implement those in your practical lives which will make a difference in your behavior and attitude. Saying that, a simple yet unanswerable question strikes us. How do we Learn things? Take for example, a boy doing his schooling, who absorbs all his classes, maintain proper notes and is regular to school. He is the best outstanding student of his class, cracking all the competitions and challenges. Given the circumstances, how would you describe the boy? Is he a good learner or good student? The answer is evident. He is a good student rather than a learner. So, what makes a good learner then?

As said earlier, it’s the difference that marks a separation between us and our fellow beings. Consider for example, a typewriter who has been working for years. In that case, he would have at least spent 10,000 hours of writing, typing, and responding through letters. Now do you think he has the skills to write script for movie or a book? Most likely, not. It’s simply because he does the work, and he becomes proficient in his stream. But never in his lifetime did he ‘learn’ things and do work.

We might have millions of ideas butterflying inside our head. We think of it, work on it and then get over with it. That’s how our human brains are designed. Even a brilliant student who works hard for his exam, secures university top rank would forget what he had learnt just the minute he completes his exams. We never really work on things again which we do once. Being a good learner is all about re-thinking, re-working and re-envisioning things in every situation of our lives. Do things only when you comprehend it. Else what makes a difference between us and a machine, which is perfect than the former in mechanical work?

Stay on board. Give yourself time to think on things you do or observe, re-work on things until you comprehend and resolve it, so that in future, when you are struck up with the same, you are ready to break it. Don’t just work, but re-work on matters, Learn things and produce something unique and motivating. And that’s how you are different!

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