Women's Nose Punching - Scientific Reasons!


  •      The nose punching, the piercing of the ear, the piercing of the ear, the right hand for the body to expel the air from the body.
  •     Women are also given benefits by looking at the left hand. The right side of men and the left of women are strong and strong areas.

  •     The sages and rishis are meditating with the right leg folded on the left thigh. This is because the left leg is folded and meditated, the breath ing is on the right side. Right means victory in Tamil. Meditation and prayer are definitely beneficial when breathing on the right side.
  •     If the pulse is suppressed, then the right breath should be transferred. The nose is the same structure. Our brain side has a hippotelamas. There are some areas that can control and function in the nervous system.
  •     There are some emotional floods in the area. The area is a supporter of this process. This is done more and the right brain is well functional by a trim musket that is punched on the left side of the woman's nose.
  •     If the sprout is on the left side, it will work well on the right side. The right side is closed and the left brain is more active.
  •     We have to clog this left brain more than our human life today and work right. So the right hand and right leg are all strong.
  •     When women wear a mukkuthi, some veins come down in the nostrils like the alum falls from the forehead. The skin is thin like the membrane of the nose.
  •     If a hole is made in the nose like the alum, and the gold is worn in the hole, the gold will absorb the heat from the body and absorb it. Moreover, if a hole is found in the lobe of the nose, the bad gas in the nervous system is removed.
  •     The mukkuti is worn for adolescent girls. A dose of gases is the only way to expose the gases in the head.
  •     The common cold, migraine, nose related disturbances, and vision disorder symptoms are corrected in women due to nose piercing.
  •     Women should wear a nose to the left. Punching left will cause some changes. The thought makes the power a stabilizer. Calms the mind. Meditation helps you to engage in prayer.

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