What is Good Drinking Water?


 The earthball is 71 percent surrounded by water. The human body is made up of 65 percent of water on average. Drinking water is also compulsory to maintain this average. The average person should drink 3 to 5 litres of water a day. This amount varies depending on the physical environment and time.

The early man was in search of food and drank directly in the pond he had seen. In the same tank, fish, snakes, and millions of microbes lived.

Today, there are advertisements on television. If we put a bottle of clean water in the middle, the actress standing on the other side should be clear. That's how the ads say. They are seducing us.

In the development of the state, there are about 2,000 water producers throughout Tamil Nadu. Can water be produced? You can ask. "H20". This is the molecule of water. We have found that water is two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. But no matter how much of science has grown, water cannot be created. Because there are billions of microbes in that water.

Bottled water sellers say that they are safely packing the ground water and making it convenient for drinking. Wherever they went, they asked for water, they would sit freely and give them water in a large sinology. The present day has turned out to be the opposite. The person sitting next to the bus cannot hear the bottled water.

Because he had to get a litre bottle of Rs. He would have bought 25 rupees and if he was exhausted, he would have paid Rs. 25 to spend. The truth is that it is wrong to listen. The train water is available at Rs 15 and amma water is produced by the State Transport Corporation for Rs 10.

There are also national brands. There are also local brands. There is also a misery of stealing and selling plain water without any 'brand'.Most households in the metropolis, Chennai and the cities that are in the city, use only purified water to drink. They have been forced to use. 20 litrecans price 30 to 50. The condition of the people living in the metropolitan areas is a serious concern if the government or the court swoops in on the use of groundwater.

In the midst of this crisis is the water and good desalination? The question has been put forward for a long time. That's the water that is stuffed with water.' In English, it is said that the 'Packaged Drinking Water' is the only one. In circulation, we call Mineral Water'. That's wrong.

It was in 1967 that it was the first to sell in A.D. in A.D. The first producer was 'Bisleri'. Now, the company 'Bislery Water' is coming up, isn't it, its founder is Bislery. Gradually he sold the company, then bought it, and a large number of competitors were expanding, thus building up the water sales industry. In the beginning, they refer to Mineral Water'. In the 1990s, bottled water was spreading across the country. In 1998, the Supreme Court ordered that the use of Mineral Water' should not be used. The reason is that there is no mineral in the water. After that, the packed water is packed with packaged drinking water.

Water is the natural type of water that contains minerals and elements according to the respective land

classification. In fact, the natural wonder is that the nutrients of the soil are high or low in the need of the species.

One example. There are also generous reports that the presence of fluoride is high in Dharmapuri. A longtime water supply and drainage board analyst said, "It is true that the groundwater in the area is high in fluoride. At the same time, he said that if the soil produced ragi, sesame fruit, greens, etc are added to the diet, the fluoride in the water will be balanced. The biggest surprise news.


The main charge of the water is that the water is removed in the name of purification.

The technology that is now used in the vast estuary is the reverse osmosis (RO) refining, known as 'negative osmosis or 'reverse osmosis'. When water is pumped, they remove the concentrated elements from the water.

Hence, elements like calcium, potassium and magnesium are taken away. But environmentalists also suggest that the law requires the reinstatement of the elements that are legally good. In which plant can we go and see which one is being readded? Is that an unanswered question?

So there have been a lot of research and books that put bottled water into the 'sabbath water' that is no nutrient. No one said no. Another important one is that the plastic bottle (container).

If you buy a bottle of water and look carefully, there is a warning. The warning was that 'no sunshine' was the same. What then is it? We see how many bottles and cans are travelling in small elephants every day in the sun. A recent shocking study revealed that chemicals in a plastic bottle are mixed in water. No one denies this.

They warn that plastic molecules can gradually mix in human blood to cause cancer to hormonal problems. Last... To produce 100 litres of purified drinking water, at least half the water is lost as waste. Those who have set up a small ro plant in their homes can be seen directly.

The water is flowing in a small tube as soon as the water purification process begins. The discharge speed is much higher than the speed of good water. Look at it.

Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram alone have 2 crore litres of water sold per day. This means that on an average, more than 2 crore litres of water is being released from these districts per day again underground or in nearby water bodies. So, the whole state...?

All right, what is it?

Water supply to the government through water supply schemes (550 combined water supply schemes are in operation throughout Tamil Nadu) are in progress, says hydrological analysts. A programme for awareness was held a few years back in Chennai where everyone can drink metro water.

If it is not possible, some simple purification techniques are also mentioned if the mind does not agree.

First earthpot

Earthpot is a natural method of purifying water. In the same pot, the tetangnut (thermal-siddha pharmacies). pepper and vettiroot are put into the pot and the delicious' drinking water is ready for drinking in a few hours.

Herbal knots (made of cotton cloth with tetanus, vettiroot, pepper) have also been sold in many cities.

Those who feel that taste is not important can be used by boiling and cooling water. Those who are comfortable and without hesitation can buy copper utensils and hold water and drink. In addition, you can add tulsi leaves, cumin seeds, hibiscus petals and rose petals and add water to the flavor and add nutrients.

After all, it is said that the rainwater from the sky is captured in large drums and tightly shut in the sun.

In many parts of the state, it is used in home synthesis. The web is also available for viewing articles and videos worldwide.

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