Types and Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha!


 Aksham means eyes. Rudraksha means the eyes of Lord Shiva.

Human organs may be different, but eyes are the same for all.

This is the act of guidance with light.

2. When you see an object, both the eyes

It looks like one.

There is no greater punishment if there is no blindness in the body.

The eyes are one of the most popular eyebrows of Lord Shiva, right, left and agni.

This eye is called gnana kann annihilation and sudarvizhi.

It is this eye that falls on the soil and germinates as a plant, which is called Rudraksha, first produces fruits and then falls into the soil.

There are many types of this.

Let us understand the characteristics of these beads.

These bells are capable of bearing any kind of heat/cold.

When these are worn in the human body, it helps in repairing the heat.

When the neck is tied, the jadaragni

Equalizing will do good.

Also, when we are in the neck, we breathe along with it.

Let's do this in the prana with blood.

Mixing in the body can cause a protective effect.

It is also a form of outdoor skin that is mixed with water when we take a bath.

Provides a security.

There are many types of beads that do so.

Let's see which star people wear this...

1. Ashwini - nine faces.

2. Bharani - Arumugam, Thirteen Faces.

3. Karthikai - Twelve faces.

4. Rohini - two faces.

5. Mrigashirisham - Three Faces.

6. Tiruvadhirai - Eight Faces.

7. Punarvasu - Five Faces.

8. Pushya - Seven Faces.

9. Aashayam - Four Faces.

10. Magh - Nine Faces.

11. Pooram - Arumugam, Thirteen Faces.

12. Uttaram - Twelve Faces

13. Hasta - two faces.

14. Chithirai - Three Faces.

15. Swati - Eight Faces.

16. Visakha - Five Faces.

17. Anuradha - Seven Faces.

18. Gate - Four faces.

19. By – nine face.

20. Pooradam - Arumugam. Thirteen faces.

21. Uttaradam - Twelve faces.

22. Thiruvonam - Two Faces.

23. Avitam - Three Faces.

24. Sathyam - Eight Faces.

25. Purva Bhadrapad - Five Faces.

26. Uttara Bhadrapad - Seven Faces.

27. Revathi - Four Faces.

The rudraksha is also known as akumani. This is the goddess of lord Shiva who is the mangalyam for women. It is called Kandyandiand the lower vadam.

If you slap rudraksha, then you will be a million times meritorious. Thottal is a crore times the merit. If you wear it, then one hundred crores of merit. The Puranas say that praying is a hundred crore times the virtue. The amla size is good.

Sardine in the size of lotus fruit. The size of the sea is athamam. Worms are the worms that cannot be worn, crushed, or sick. The same size, firm, large and equal pearls should be worn on the silk rope and then worn on the body.

The face of the rudraksha and its superiority:::

*The double-faced rudraksha is in the form of Arthanariswara. Wearing this will always bring happiness.

*The three-faced Rudraksha is the form of three agni. Wearing this is a pleasure for Agni Deva.

*The four-faced rudraksha is the form of Brahma. If you wear this, Lord Brahmma becomes happy.

*The five-faced rudraksha is brahma form. Wearing this is the result of the destruction of narahati.

*Arumugam Rudraksha is the goddess Subramanya. Wearing this will bring more wealth and health and also devotion, knowledge, wealth.

*Lord Vinayaka is also called the Goddess for the arumukha rudraksha.

*The goddess saptha mata for the seven-faced rudraksha. Wearing this will bring knowledge, health and wealth.

*Eight mugs of rudraksha will bring the ashta vashu and the Ganga. Adhideva Ashtavasu

*The nava shakti saints will also be happy if they wear the infinite face rudraksha. The goddess of the temple is Nava Shakti.

*The goddess of the ten-faced rudraksha is Yama. Wearing this will remedy all sins.

*Eleven Rudras are the gods of the eleven face sacred thrones. This brings forth all the blessings.

*Twelve face sacred forms of Lord Vishnu. This is called the Twelve Aditya Form.

*Thirteen rudraksha gives bogus, stepmother and happiness. Kamadevan is happy to wear this.

*The fourteen-faced rudraksha in the Rudra Netra is a health yelp that removes all diseases.

* The one who wears a garland of 108 rudraksha always wears a garland on his chest, attains strength as a succession of aswamedha.

* The feet of the rudraksha are Brahma. The vein is Vishnu. The face is rudra. Bindu Samasdevas.

  • Wearing this during archana, homa, etc. will give the benefit of the Ashwamedha Yagna and get freedom from all sins. Praying with rudraksha garland is more strength and more virtue.
  • Bathing on the head is beneficial for bathing in the Ganga. He is rich erudite lying in the hands of all the men who worship the two faces, five faces, eleven faces and fourteen faces, especially those who worship the lord shiva.

  • Women who are initiated can also wear rudraksha. The vision of The Rudraksha will remove sin. Touching will bring all successes. Accumulating. During the pollution of births and deaths, the rudraksha should not be worn. Those who constantly chant the name of Lord Shiva and wear the holy rudraksha claim that the best of The Devotees of Lord Shiva are the best of the devotees.
  • The Brahmmotara Ghanda highlights the superiority of the Rudraksha, "If the man is the first to be a man of the pure, then the pure man will say, "The man of purity will say"

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