Reading only complements a man's literacy! How?



Using the Chinese technology of inventing paper, they brought the books to a developed level, the primary means of reading through the expansion and spread of paper.

The great education of certificates by completing the specific course is narrow circle. It is less likely to be expansive and vast. This is a collection of information, and a person who does not study in an educational institution or leaves the institute with a small standard rises to the reading; He is wise. He becomes an intellectual.

Reading is the complete ness of education; Deepens; Expands. It will help us to know countries and communities that show different ideas.

The study is elaborate lying in detail, and man understands the universe around him. He understands himself. How unfortunate it is to not understand the world around him and to be ignorant of oneself.

How can one who does not read become a human being?

He did not know the world around him or himself. Meaningful life can begin only with knowledge. The fool is a beast. He is connected with this world to eat, drink, and live with children. He knows the world. What a filthy life

He who does not seek knowledge and studying after leaving an educational institution, is only an economic creature who has renounced his knowledge and work with a certificate. Reading should be a habit. One day without reading should not be left in life. This is the way you are, and you have to rise in knowledge. This is the basic truth of reading.

Reading should not be of particular field or a specific thinking camp. This will shorten the vision. If it is based on a particular camp of thought, it makes a particular person stubborn and frenzied, and this is brainwashed, and the expanding reader hastily understands the facts. His vision expands. He has a tendency to compromise, tolerance and respect for the next ideas. He understands that there are many angles, not an angle to a problem, that the solution is not a solution, but many solutions. In this respect, the circle of disagreement shrinks.

Reading in this respect is a learning; Knowledge is a search process. Education is not the only course studying in a particular field. It is not a complete education. If it is perfect, it will guide learning; Directs. The learning process expands and deepens only when reading continues. In this way, reading should be a learning process. It was not simply a way of entertainment.

Three Components of Reading

  •     To expand the field of education and to go deeper into it.
  •     To learn new areas of knowledge.
  •     Public Reading.

The first type of study is not a great need for advice to expand learning in the field. It is only the department allegorist strives to regulate it. However, there is a fundamental truth here. Let us only mention it. The basis of this reading is to learn alternative ideas, different ideas and views in the field of its particular field. What are the comments for the angle i have read in a particular field? It is necessary to understand what the alternative view is.

The second category means reading the areas of knowledge outside my field. This will help you to understand the facts thoroughly and to look at problems from different angles.

Third public reading is the reading of books that have left the field of terminology and classification. Such books speak of economics, politics, medicine and so on. But in these arts, they speak of general facts and their dependence issues. These are the basic symptoms of reading. It is easy to start reading from here. Even a mere knowledgeable person can begin his learning from this reading.

The observation that reading is not just for education, but for entertainment is very important. This is where it will have all the qualities of the search for knowledge.

The reader must also have the goal of developing himself as an intellectual. It is very interesting to read the syllabus provided in educational institutions and become an intellectual. That is why we see many people who have received titles and are merely carrying information.

An intellectual is a logical person. He's a inventor. He can see the relationship between events and movements and come to the conclusions. He is the Creator of the Creation. He presents many new facts and ideas. An educational institution does not create an intellectual. It can only give some basics. A wide rhyme of reading creates an intellectual.

Now we have explained the highest level of reading. High ideal. There are next grades for reading.

At least the reading should be degraded. The dictatorship is the only thing that goes behind all those who shout like a sheep, without taking a deep look at things, or gantry, or mere lyrics, and a heroic salutation to a particular person. Favorable to the forces of international domination and exploitation.

The only way to remove this situation is free reading. This is a systematic and systematic direction of the people. Here we refer to people as people, not just those who have not graduated from the university. There are also common people who have graduated from the university. There are many who know nothing outside their curriculum and have stopped looking for knowledge after graduation.

The common man should also be accustomed to reading. Its aim must be to eliminate the common man. It is necessary to prepare and implement an action plan for this. When this does not happen, intellectuals will live in one world and the public in another. Then the intellectuals will be isolated. They will not achieve much. The dominant powers will always hold the world in their hands with the massive media power in their hands.

The reading of the Islamists is very essential. He is unfit to be readable. There are three types of reading.

Arts oriented reading. It is true that the study of the old knowledge tradition in this area is necessary, but the changes and studies in the modern age are enormous. If he does not read them deeply, he would not be able to stand in the modern world.

The general reading of the practical world, such as politics, economics, literature, etc., and these are modern studies. These are the weapons of modern world thought. Only then can one gain knowledge of how to carry his messenger.

Planning, Administration, Media Readings. It gives you the best chance to work in the world. To become a great rights fighter and give to his community and the world, he must develop himself.

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